Onsite Training

Whether you require a single course for a small group or extensive training for your entire workforce, consider On-Site Training at your chosen location.

Onsite Training is a training delivery format when our qualified Trainer(s) will come to your office or deliver training at a convenient location of your choice. It is a popular training option if a number of your employees have a common training objective and need to be trained in the same technology, or if you have a business/ IT project to implement and would like your staff trained for it. To find out more on the advantages of choosing this training option please look at Benefits of On Site Training.

On-Site Courses offer you significant savings and exceptional convenience with the same hands-on quality of instruction as delivered at our Infero Training Centres. And, if your facilities are not completely training-adequate we can help you to set up your training premises by providing hardware, software and networking systems.

Our courses can be delivered “off-the-shelf” (standard), slightly modified or completely tailored (bespoke) to mee any learning needs you may have.

If you want to know more please look at the On Site Training Frequently Asked Questions.

Our On Site Training Offering Includes:

  • Instructor Led Course
  • Skilled, Experienced and Seasoned Trainer
  • Customised Content if required
  • Comprehensive Printed Course Materials
  • 12 Months Free Post Course Support
  • Guaranteed quality as high as the one delivered for our public scheduled courses
  • UK and Ireland wide reach


To enquire about On-site Training simply give us a call on 08449 210 310 and our specialised advisors will discuss with you the content you would like to cover and arrange convenient dates for your training.