Live Virtual

  • Live Trainer: The Trainer can answer questions, provide expert help, vary session pace and re-visit areas of the Training if required.
  • Learn from anywhere: Training does not have location limitations, is convenient and allows widely distributed teams to train together.
  • Flexibility: Virtual training allows varied start and finish times, longer or shorter sessions and sessions delivered in a series.
  • Cost Effective: No expenses to pay for travel and accommodation and learners do not lose time travelling, minimising disruption.
  • Fits current working styles: Virtual Training is compatible with currently working practices, using IT equipment the learners are already using.
  • Increases Participation & Engagement: Virtual Training provides opportunities for learners to interact through chat features, and for questions that cannot be dealt with immediately to be noted and answered at the end of the session, or later.
  • Motivates by Relating Training specifically to Learner's Jobs: A virtual training course can be customized to fit the level of experience and current projects of a team. It also allows the immediate application of anything learned.

Live Virtual Training FAQs

Q. What software do I need?
A. You will obviously need a computer, tablet or mobile with internet access. We run training through a browser app so there is no need to download any additional apps. Microphone and webcam (or mobile camera) access is preferred but not essential.

Q. What time do the courses run?
A. Most courses run from 09.30 until 16.30 with breaks throughout the day.

Q. What will I see on my screen?
A. You will see a live video stream of the trainer. They will be able to switch between their stream and the virtual whiteboard to give examples and further explain content visually.

Q. Can I ask questions during the training?
A. Of course! You can either type questions in the chat function or speak directly to the trainer through microphone.

Q. How will I take my exam? (PRINCE2 ONLY)
A. You take the exam online through an exam portal you will be given access to.

Q. When will I take my exam? (PRINCE2 ONLY)
A. If you take the full Foundation and Practitioner course, you'll need to take the Foundation Exam on day 3 of the course. If you are taking the Foundation or Practitioner course alone, you can take the exams at any time.

Q. When will I receive my exam results? (PRINCE2 ONLY)
A. You will receive exam results immediately after taking the exam subject to final verification from the Exam body.

How to Arrange Virtual Training?

If you are interested to find more, please call 08449 210 310 to speak to one of our experienced account managers to discuss your requirements.