Floor Walking is an IT training method where a qualified Trainer will spend time at your offices and literally Walk the Floor responding to individual queries, problems, tasks and work-related issues from members of your staff.

Typically, Floor Walking is popular during or after application software or an operating system upgrade to make transition to a new system smooth, or immediately after taking a training course to help those who have difficulty applying the new skills to their everyday tasks.

Some Benefits of Floor Walking are:

  • Minimal disruption to office routine, particularly if staff cannot be released from their daily duties for long periods of time
  • Efficient, as employees receive individual support
  • Real time problem solving, as staff receive immediate answers to real-life IT problems
  • Confidence booster, as workers know that expert is on hand to assist with any query
  • Minimal impact on help desk, as it releases them from unnecessary calls and e-mails from personnel
  • Cost-effective way to train, as the price is often project based

How to Arrange Floor Walking?
If you are interested to find more, please call 08449 210 310 to speak to one of our experienced account managers to discuss your requirements.