Closed Company Training

Some companies may prefer for their Training Sessions to be limited to just employees from their company. If that is the case then consider the Closed Company Training option which ensured only your staff will be in attendance. And if you have only one person to be trained on their own, then consider the One to One Training option.

Delegates who choose to take up the Closed Company Training still receive the same great benefits Infero offers to the delegates choosing to take the Public Schedule, such as the training by our Professional Industry experienced Certified Trainers using Comprehensive Course Materials with hands on exercises and backed with 12 Months Post Course Support! It just means that there will not be anybody else in the training session except you and your colleagues.

One of the biggest benefits of Closed Company training is that the cost of training is usually lower than the equivalent cost of your staff individually going on public scheduled courses, as your chosen staff will be trained together rather than coming on Public Schedule Courses on different dates. It excludes the cost of travelling and accommodation and not to mention the hassle of having staff being out of office at different times. Plus, we aim to keep our prices very competitive and we can even beat any like for like training quotation.

Another benefit is that the training will be focused on the company's specific requirements. Thus the "off-the-shelf" (standard) course will be focused on the topics that are most important to your business needs with less attention being paid to areas where skills are already present or not essential. Furthermore, the course can be slightly modified or completely tailored (bespoke) for your learning needs. For example, if you find that after looking at both a Microsoft Excel Intermediate course and a Microsoft Excel Advanced course, you would like some parts of each course but would like to exclude others, we can arrange a Bespoke course targeted specifically to fulfil your company's requirements.

Closed company training usually takes place at one of our venues. If you prefer to have a training at your premises or at another location suitable for you, then take a look at the On-site Training option.

So, get in touch today. Whether you have specific training requirements, are looking for specific days for a course, want us to deliver training at your premises, need IT equipment or a suitable room, we are here to help you.

How does Close Company Work?

  1. Contact our team to discuss your training requirements or look at our standard course contents, choose the topics you would like to cover, and email us your selection
  2. We will then discuss with you the dates and location suitable for you
  3. Once they are agreed we will book the course for you