Bespoke Training

If you are unable to find a standard course in our training catalogue which meets your specific needs, we are happy to assist in the development of bespoke training programme, tailored or highly customised to your specifications and based on your particular requirements.

Infero Training provides bespoke training programmes on a wide variety of business critical systems and applications. These programmes can range in length from a one-day intensive course to a comprehensive programme of weekly classes or seminars that professionally develop your team over several months. Courses can be structured and timetabled according to your workplace requirements, and can be delivered at our centres or, to minimise employee downtime, on site at your premises. They can even be delivered online.

The Benefits of Bespoke Training

  • Right Fit, as a course will be built for your team only, customised to your specific needs using up-to-date examples and case-studies tailored to your organisation.
  • Time Efficient, as the training is provided only on the topics that are needed and within the time frame you request.
  • Flexible, as you choose when and where the course will be delivered, at your premises or our training centres.
  • Consistent Learning Experience, as the training enables every delegate to have the same and consistent learning experience and will get them on the same "wavelength".
  • Better Results, as your team gains the specific job skills they need for a particular project, reinforced via hands-on labs to maximise the learning experience.

For an Instructor Led Course our Bespoke Training Offering Includes:

  • Skilled, Experienced and Seasoned Trainers
  • Customised Content
  • Comprehensive Printed Course Materials
  • 12 Months Free Post Course Support
  • Guaranteed quality as high as a the one delivered for out public scheduled courses
  • UK and Ireland wide reach

We can also provide a 'blended' learning solution, where we mix several learning media into a single, seamless training solution. This can include:

  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • E-learning
  • Floorwalking (also known as at-desk, one-to-one or 'just-in-time' training)
  • Seminars/presentations
  • Self-paced learning
  • Surgeries and Workshops

Each programme is customised using a variety of delivery methods to suit the individual learning needs of your staff. All of our programmes are project managed using the PRINCE2® methodology.

How Does Bespoke Training Work?
Bespoke Course Development Process starts with an Initial Communication when you brief us on your requirements. We immediately provide you with our Training Needs Assessment, meaning our expert's views on how you can achieve your training goals. From there we will then provide you with the suitable training options (onsite training, close company training, training at our premises any many other) and once you choose what the best option is for you, our experts will formulate and submit a Training Outline for your approval.

If you would like to find more, give us a call on 08449 210 310 to speak to one of our experienced account managers.