Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)


Knowledge and basic understanding of key technology concepts


Students, technology educators, and entry-level IT staff of accredited academic institutions

MTA Certifications

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) suite of certification products helps schools teach and validate core IT infrastructure, software development, and database administration knowledge. Becoming MTA certified provides students with IT career exploration opportunities and confidence, while allowing them to demonstrate aptitude for more advanced certifications, internships, apprenticeships, and some entry-level jobs.

A Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification proves your skills on a particular Microsoft technology. There are 3 categories of exams: Developer (.NET, Windows, Software, Web, HTML5, Gaming, and Mobile development); Database (Database Administrator); IT Professional (Server, Networking, Security, OS). To earn each MTA certification, you must pass the corresponding exam(s).

Candidates must pass one certification exam in order to earn a MTA certification.


Developer Exams
Software Development Fundamentals
Web Development Fundamentals
Windows Development Fundamentals
.NET Fundamentals
HTML5 Application Developer Fundamentals
Gaming Development Fundamentals
Mobile Development Fundamentals

Database Exams
Database Administration Fundamentals

IT Professional Exams
Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
Networking Fundamentals
Security Fundamentals
Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Exam number

Exam 98-361
Exam 98-363
Exam 98-362
Exam 98-372
Exam 98-375
Exam 98-374
Exam 98-373

Exam 98-364

Exam 98-365
Exam 98-366
Exam 98-367
Exam 98-349

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