Professional Certified Trainers

Infero employs the most experienced and qualified instructors in the industry. In fact, all our instructors have achieved certification in the subject-area they teach. That is why we are confident that our trainers will be able to provide you with practical solutions to real-world problems.

Microsoft Certified Trainers

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions, and are the only individuals authorised to deliver trainings for Microsoft Certification. The MCT community spans over 125 countries and includes classroom and e-learning instructors, learning consultants, conference presenters and user group leaders.

Earning a Microsoft Certified Trainer status validates a trainer’s proven experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions. Designed to be relevant in nowadays rapidly changing IT marketplace, Microsoft Certifications help a trainer utilise evolving technologies and fine-tune their problem solving skills.

Microsoft Certified Trainers meet stringent MCT certification requirements. Each year, Microsoft Certified Trainers must meet a number of program requirements to renew their certification for the coming year.

The MCT Programme is split into two levels:

  1. MCTs who train Office Workers in Microsoft Office
  2. MCTs who train IT Professionals

Infero Microsoft Certified Trainers are certified to train both: Office Workers and IT Professional. Combined with Microsoft Approved Courseware or Microsoft Official Curriculum our training will provide you with the best Microsoft Training on the market.

But it is not all technical!

Our seasoned Microsoft Certified Trainers are practicing consultants who bring real-world industry experience to the classroom. They provide best practice recommendations based on current industry trends. Our trainers connect the theoretical classroom environment with the real world, helping you resolve your IT problems and ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your own Microsoft environment.

PRINCE2 Certified Trainers

Our PRINCE2 Trainers are authorised to provide PRINCE2 certification training using our accredited training materials and to invigilate the official PRINCE2 certification exams.

Our quality standards are very high. Our trainers have to not just be able to deliver a project/ programme course, but also be subject matter experts with hands on, real world project/ programme experience. They also have to possess and be able to share detailed knowledge of the given standard in PRINCE2.

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