12 Months Post Course Support Free fo Our Students

Most Training Providers deliver a good training and give you all the support during the course, but it stops there! We offer you support even after you have completed your training.

We believe that post-course support is fundamental to the long-term success of any training programmes. This means that for any issues, from just struggling to grasp areas of the program to dealing with technical issues, we are here to help in those first few month’s when you are still getting to grips with the new skills you have learnt.

Having somebody to assist you in resolving the struggles you might be faced with once applying the new information will ensure that you are executing and benefitting from the skills and knowledge you have learnt during your course even after you return to your working environment.

Our advisors are all subject matter experts in their fields, as they hold the latest industry qualifications with many years of work experience in the subject they teach; we give you the opportunity to benefit from their invaluable expertise for 12 months upon completion of one of our courses.

What does this 12 months support entail?
12 month support means that for the first 12 months after your course we are here to help you with any issues you may be having once you start applying your new knowledge into practice.

Does this cost extra to the course?
No, the support is free of charge if you have taken a course with us.

When does this support start?
The minute your course finishes .

How can I get this support?
If you have been on a course with us, then either

  1. simply call our office and one of our team will either help on the spot or call you back shortly; or
  2. email us at info@inferotraining.com with details on your problems, the course you have attended with us, and include your name and telephone number for us to email you back our advice.

Chargeable Application Support
If you have not had training with us and would like to receive support for core office software application, we are able to organise for you full Application Support. This support is also highly recommended during application migrations of all types, including Lotus Notes or GroupWise to Exchange, Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2007, 2010 or Office 365.

This service is either chargeable annually or on a project basis. Please contact us to find more.

Floor Walking
A qualified Trainer will spend time at your offices after your courses and literally Walk the Floor meeting, helping and advising your personnel on any topic learnt on the course that they may be having difficulty with.

This service is chargeable on a project basis. Please contact us or follow Floor Walking Service link to learn more.

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