Optimum Class Size for Maximum Attention

Large siza classes intimidate learners and takes away the personal touch. Therefore we limit the number of people for each training course so that the participants feel more comfortable, have enough time to ask questions, to receive help when they need it, to receive appropriate guidance, and as a result, to learn more. That means less waiting around to receive help during labs, more time spent discussing relevant problems, and more direct contact with the instructor. .

For many students it's very important to be able to discuss their own struggles and to find out the best ways to apply new skills to their specific work circumstances. We believe that is not possible if there are 20 to 30 people in a class without making a compromising on quality

Small size classes make all the difference. In our training centre, you'll get more for your investment of time and money.

Student to teacher ratio is 8 to 1 on our open enrolment Technical courses and 12 to 1 on our Business courses, so you have personal attention from our skilled trainers. In our small sized classes no one is left behind.

The Benefits of Small-sized Classes:

Individual attention - Our instructors are committed to working with every single student to ensure they receive what they need out of the training. As the class is small it gives each individual student greater access to communicating with the trainer.
Specific questions answered - Students are welcome to ask questions and raise topics. In a small class, we have sufficient opportunity and time to cover these questions and go over any case-studies. This results in better learning and understanding of the subject matter.
Easier to see and be seen - In a small class, the instructor will know everyone in the class and be able to differentiate around each individual's needs. Also the whiteboard and projected slides are easy to see from anywhere in the room.
More interactive - Small classes are more interactive, with highly enthusiastic and lively sessions. The trainings are designed to addresses all delegates' your needs and questions.
Fewer distractions - there are fewer unnecessary distractions in the class with the high overall performance throughout the whole of the training.

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