100% Money Back Guarantee

We realise that choosing the right training and the right Training Provider is not easy; just simply search for a training course phrase online and you will receive thousands of pages of search results. But here at Infero Training we always strive to make it as easy as possible for our clients - we offer promptness, expertise and commitment to help you make the right, within budget and timely training choice for yourself or your staff.

With this in mind, we are continuously working hard to improve our services, to provide you with comprehensive courses and to deliver the best value for money every single time. We do everything possible to ensure that you have a great learning experience and that you leave our training with improved skills ans some great new ideas and knowledge that you can apply at work or in your every day use of IT applications.

So to ensure constant development of our services after every course, all our attendees have the opportunity to rate our training and provide detailed feedback on their experience at Infero Training. And to let the numbers speak for thenselves, we must tell you that the feedback we have received for the past 5 years is consistently high - 97% of  delegates attending Infero Training would further recommend our courses!

Not yet convinced to choosing us? Maybe a 100% Money Back Guarantee will.

We are aware that the greatest fear of most people when they book a training course is that they will spend their valuabe time and money attending the course and not learn anything useful. But we are confident that if you book a course with us you will not regret your choice. We are so confident in our ability to deliver reliable, effective training services that we now offer a full refund of your money if you are not happy with the course you have attended.

How Does the Refund Work?

If you are not fully satisfied with the training, just inform your course trainer within the first 3 hours of starting a course and we will arrange a full refund of your course fee. Alternatively, we can give you a course you may like to take with us for FREE. So you have absolutely nothing to loose when choosing Infero Training!

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