Active Learning

We often hear how learning is never transferred back to the job. That is because delegate involvement or engagement (active learning) during the training is minimal or virtually non-existent. This is the model often used by ‘educational bodies' such as colleges where the tendency in training is to lecture rather than teach. It is here you will find yourself listening to a lecturer without much participation from your side. It is not a surprise that as a result of this training you will not be able to recall information easily.

A substantial body of evidence suggests that the greater the student's involvement in the learning process, then the greater the level of content acquisition will be. The involvement can be as simple as having a discussion, or answering questions.

Infero uses the most advanced and effective method of adult education: Active Learning. During the course you learn by doing and actively engaging with the material in order to recall information easily. You are immersed in your subject through practical, real-world activities individually and in groups. This helps you to embed new skills and knowledge.

This is why when you attend our technical courses you will have your own computer so that you can practise you skills while you are learning, while on our business courses you will be participating in numerous discussion sessions and scenario-based exercises.

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