10968, Designing for Office 365 Infrastructure

This intensive instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and experience to implement Office 365 in a large corporate environment using the FastTrack three-phase delivery process of Pilot, Deploy, and Enhance. The course consists of two distinct parts:

    Lecture/Lab. Part One is the training phase of the course and consists of six modules. Each module has an associated paper-based lab that is based on an actual, real-world Office 365 deployment involving a medium-sized enterprise organization. The aim of the scenario is to confirm that students have learned the concepts from the modules.
    Case Study. Part Two is the testing phase and consists of a different scenario based on another real-world deployment, this time involving a large enterprise deployment.  During the case study, students will work in groups to create a design solution for the organization that is based on the information provided in the scenario and gained from interviewing the instructor, who will role-play the part of the customer. Each group will then present its design to the remainder of the class.

Duration: 3 days

Price: £938.00 + VAT

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